a legend

I scared myself listening to one of those fna.f audio post again and now I can’t sleep


Well I did 6th grade wrong


dog cloud over Manhattan 


Last night I went to Starbucks and when the guy finished my drink, he bent down and wispered, “Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.” I just smiled and took my drink, and while I was leaving I heard the other worker saying: “WOULD YOU STOP TELLING PEOPLE THAT, NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR INSPERATIONAL SHIT!” and the guy responded with, “Gurl, there is no way in hell I am letting you dull my sparkle.” 

Oh my god. 


when something you blacklisted shows up on your dash anyway




this is my favorite wooden bear statue i have

Carlos fandom grab your erlenmeyer flask

my mom texted me to say i should be heading to bed summer is officially ove r


Little Night Vale thigns that will make you cr y

  • quite the opposite
  • a scientist is always fine
  • a scientist is usually fine
  • rumbling in its entirety 
  • steve considers cecil to be his best friend
  • i’m still holding this trophy


for a person who isn’t exclusively attracted to people of the same gender I sure do say im gay a lot


cecil fandom grab your welcomes

i follow you cause i followed someone else who followed you, and then were really awesome so i followed you. then i unfollowed the person who followed you but i still follow you? i guess i have for a while now but i dont think tumblr lets you check that stuff. and also because your blog is one of my faves and on the "follow forever" things your blog would be one of the few for me. (plus your doggies are hella cute)

wHOA thhank u !! sorry u had to unfollow the other person aNND also ty my dogs say ty 

I cant believe someone animated Cecil Gershwin Palmers Jaws slashfic

I followed you for your art because it's rad as hell and perfect Carlos

whOA really u followed me for my art :’0 im so touched